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Michael T.J. Hague, PhD

Assistant Professor


Office: LSC 374
Loyola Science Center
Biology Department
University of Scranton
Scranton, PA 18510


Drew Dickson

Drew is a class of 2025 biology major on a pre-med track. He's interested in the physiology of Wolbachia-host interactions.


Gavin Kopesky

Gavin is a class of 2025 biology major interested in dentistry and orthodontics. He's a member of the University Honors Program and he's interested in the immunological implications of Wolbachia-host interactions. 


Lex Martinez

Lex is a class of 2026 BCMB major with a math minor. She's in the Magis Honors Program and is interested in chemistry, genetics, and the use of molecular biology to study Wolbachia transmission.


Kate McKillop

Kate is a class of 2027 biology major on the pre-PA track. She's in the Magis Honors Program and she's interested in genetics, physiology, and maternal transmission.


My lab at the University of Scranton is brand new! I'm excited to collaborate with new students and I value diversity of ideas, experiences, and backgrounds.

If you're interested in joining the lab, email me your resume and a paragraph describing your research interests.

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