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A complete list of papers is available on Google Scholar.

Hague, MTJ, Timothy B Wheeler, Brandon S Cooper. 2024. Comparative analysis of Wolbachia maternal transmission and localization in host ovaries. Communications Biology. In press (preprint)

del Carlo, RE, JS Reimche, HA Moniz, MTJ Hague, SR Agarwal, ED Brodie III, ED Brodie, Jr., N Leblanc, CR Feldman. 2024. Coevolution with toxic prey produces functional trade-offs in sodium channels of predatory snakes. eLife. 13: RP94633 (link)

Gilbert, AL, S Cabrera, MTJ Hague, AN Stokes, CR Feldman, CT Hanifin, ED Brodie, Jr., ED Brodie III. 2023. Climate and community predict landscape outcomes of predator-prey coevolution. Functional Ecology. 37: 2170-2180 (link)

Radousky, YA, MTJ Hague, S Fowler, E Paneru, A Codina, C Rugamas, G Hartzog, BS Cooper, W Sullivan. 2023. Distinct Wolbachia localization patterns in oocytes of diverse host species reveal multiple strategies of maternal transmission. GENETICS. 224: iyad038 (link)

Hague, MTJ, LE Miller*, AN Stokes, CR Feldman, ED Brodie, Jr., ED Brodie III. 2022. Conspicuous coloration of toxin-resistant predators implicates additional trophic interactions in a predator-prey arms race. Molecular Ecology (From the Cover). 32 (link) 

  • Profiled in Molecular Ecology Perspective: Thompson, JN. 2023. The ripple effects of clines from coevolutionary hotspots to coldspots. Molecular Ecology. 32 (link)

Hague, MTJ, JD Shropshire, CN Caldwell*, JP Statz, KA Stanek, WR Conner, BS Cooper. 2022. Temperature effects on cellular host-microbe interactions explain continent-wide endosymbiont prevalence. Current Biology. 32: 878-888 (link)

  • Profiled in Current Biology Dispatch: Stuckert, AMM, DR Matute. 2022. Evolution: Environmental conditions determine how Wolbachia interacts with hosts. Current Biology. 32: R178–R180 (link)

Gendreau, KL, AD Hornsby, MTJ Hague, JW McGlothlin. 2021. Gene conversion facilitates the adaptive evolution of self-resistance in highly toxic newts. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 38: 4077-4094 (link)

Hague, MTJ, HA Woods, BS Cooper. 2021. Pervasive effects of Wolbachia on host activity. Biology Letters.

17: 20210052 (link)

Hague, MTJ, CN Caldwell*, BS Cooper. 2020. Pervasive effects of Wolbachia on host temperature preference. mBio. 11: e01768-20 (link

Hague, MTJ, H Mavengere, DR Matute, BS Cooper. 2020. Environmental and genetic contributions to imperfect wMel-like Wolbachia transmission and frequency variation. GENETICS. 215: 1117-1132 (link)

Hague, MTJ, AN Stokes, CR Feldman, ED Brodie, Jr., ED Brodie III. 2020. The geographic mosaic of arms race coevolution is closely matched to prey population structure. Evolution Letters. 4: 317-332 (link)

Gendreau, KL, MTJ Hague, CR Feldman, ED Brodie, Jr., ED Brodie III, JW McGlothlin. 2020. Sex linkage of the skeletal muscle sodium channel gene (SCN4A) explains apparent deviations from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium of tetrodotoxin-resistance alleles in garter snakes (Thamnophis sirtalis). Heredity. 124: 647-657 (link)

  • Featured on the Heredity podcast: "Resistance is female" (link)

Hague, MTJ, G Toledo, SL Geffeney, CT Hanifin, ED Brodie, Jr., ED Brodie III. 2018. Large-effect mutations generate trade-off between predatory and locomotor ability during arms race coevolution with deadly prey. Evolution Letters​. 2: 406-416 (link)​

  • Profiled in Evolution Letters​ Editor's Blog: "Trading off resistance and speed in a deadly arms race" (link)

Hague, MTJ, CR Feldman, ED Brodie, Jr., ED Brodie III. 2017. Convergent adaptation to dangerous prey proceeds through the same first-step mutation in the garter snake Thamnophis sirtalisEvolution. 71:1504-1518 (link)

  • Profiled in Evolution Digest: Davies, KTJ. 2017. Know your poison: Predictable molecular changes confer toxin resistance in snakes? Evolution. 71: 1728–1729 (link)

Hague, MTJ, LA Avila, CT Hanifin, WA Snedden, AN Stokes, ED Brodie, Jr., ED Brodie III. 2016. Toxicity and population structure of the Rough-Skinned Newt (Taricha granulosa) outside the range of an arms race with resistant predators. Ecology & Evolution. 6: 2714-2724 (link)

Hague, MTJ, EJ Routman. 2015. Does population size affect genetic diversity? A test with sympatric lizard species. Heredity. 116: 92-98 (link)

Eads, DA, MTJ Hague, CG Zoubek. 2012. American badger (Taxidea taxus) uses covert reconnaissance from tire-ruts to ambush a black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus). Southwestern Naturalist. 57: 463-464 (link)

asterisks (*) denote undergraduate mentees

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